The DX-Ball series was initially created by Micheal P. Welch of BlitWise Productions and Seumas McNally of Longbow Digital Arts. It was inspired and built as a tribute to the Ed & Al Mackey's MegaBall, which was the most popular "Breakout" game for the Commodore Amiga, computer entertainment system. Micheal Welch stated that his wife enojoyed it more than, his 1993 artillery Amiga game Scorched Tanks. DX-Ball was released in 1996 on the Scorched Reality webpage and other websites for download. It soon became the popular and in 1998 DX-Ball 2 was released by Longbow Digital Arts. In 2001 Longbow Digital Arts(LDA) released Rival Ball, DX-Ball's first Spin-Off title. In 2004 Rival Ball: Tournament was released, continuing the Rival Ball spin-off series, and taking it a different turn, adding a few elements from other LDA games, as well as creating a new two-player head-to-head mode. In 2006 Super DX-Ball was released, re-kindling the classic DX-Ball gameplay, and offering new ways to play. Super DX-Ball is currently the most up-to-date entry in the series.

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