Super DX-Ball

Super DX-Ball is the fifth title in the series, as well as the latest. It was released in 2006 and is the only title in the series to be released on the main BlitWise webpage.


See: Gameplay in DX-/Rival Ball

When the player starts the game the BlitWise logo is shown. In the Free version an ad for the Deluxe version is seen. The player then has the choice to buy the full version "now" or "maybe later". Once the game starts the play goes to the main menu, where they select the board they want to play.

Board PacksEdit

Deluxe version BoardsEdit


  • Retro
  • Fun
  • Challenge
  • Suprise

The Free version contains the first three boards from these packs. The Deluxe version includes the complete set.

Expansion PacksEdit

  • Bonus
  • Treasure

These packs are downloadable from the Super DX-Ball webpage.


  • Mega Ball

As always the power-ups are listed on the main menu. But if one clicks on the Mega Ball power-up icon, they can access a secret selection.